I think it might be a nice opportunity to explain myself here since I had some cool commentary on the reblogs of the individual pieces, so here’s my own personal explanation of this series.

I don’t mean to give bad connotations to sharks because really, they’re very beautiful and endangered creatures that are naturally curious and only attack when they’re provoked. A lot of people are scared of them and make them out to be these horrifying monsters when actually, it’s just a big misconception about their nature. I was like that too when I was younger until I learned how many of them we end up killing for their fins and how really, they aren’t a threat if people just left them alone. If people understood them better, maybe our overall views on them wouldn’t be so negative.

The thing is, that’s what anxiety is to me. Bad/irrational thoughts seem really scary at first because you don’t understand them and by panicking or trying to fight them off directly, you end up making them more aggressive till they grow massive and looming. Just like sharks sense panic and movement in the water and use that to target prey. But I’m trying really hard to look at my thoughts from another angle now - by accepting they’re there and refusing to freak out (i.e. just letting them come and go without amplifying them) and by trying to understand that it’s really only excess adrenaline and an overactive imagination, nothing more, they don’t seem so terrifying? Essentially like how I learned that sharks aren’t dangerous or life threatening if you don’t bother them. It’s not an easy lesson to train yourself to mentally re-evaluate your thoughts, but I’m getting there. So maybe I’ll continue working into this series a little more…